Customization Overview:

Welcome to our website, where we offer customization for a wide range of lamps and lanterns, providing access to most market options. For inquiries, reach out to us via email at [email protected], detailing your customization needs. Our dedicated designers will collaborate with you to bring your ideas to life, ensuring everyone can create their ideal lamps. Our products are manufactured in-house, and shipped directly to you by air, eliminating middlemen and offering affordable pricing.

Customization Options:

  1. Metal Frame Customization:

    Customers can alter the color and material of the metal frame, wire length, and link rod length. For those with insufficient ceiling load-bearing capacity, we offer material replacements with stainless steel or iron.

  2. Bulb Quantity Customization:

    Customize the number of bulbs; for instance, transform a single-headed ceiling tray into a two-headed one.


  3. Layers Customization:

    Personalize the number of layers in lamps and lanterns. For example, the transition from a two-tier to a six-tier framework.

Customization Process:

  1. Customizing from Our Website:
    • Provide:
      • Product link or model number.
      • Desired color, size, or other customization details.
      • If possible, share your actual application scenario.
        (Not sure about sizing or color choices? No worries—provide your room size and ceiling height, and our professional designers will create an exclusive design.)
  2. Customizing Lamps from Other Sources:
    • Provide:
      • Pictures, design drawings, or website links.
      • Specifications for base size, material, color, bulb type, etc.
        (Uncertain about sizing or color choices? Relax—share your room dimensions and ceiling height, and our team will create an exclusive design.)
  3. Factory Feedback on Drawing and Pricing
  4. Production Confirmation

Contact Us:

For inquiries or further assistance, feel free to contact us: